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The Challenging Tide: How the NAR Settlement May Reshape the Landscape for Traditional Real Estate Brokerages and Agents

April 12, 20243 min read

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement has introduced significant changes that are set to redefine the traditional real estate brokerage model. Slated for implementation in July 2024, these changes promise to usher in an era of increased transparency and competition. However, while some view these adjustments as positive strides toward a more equitable marketplace, there's growing concern within traditional real estate circles about the potential negative impacts on brokerages and their agents. From the feasibility of maintaining current business models to downsizing and a reevaluation of the buyer's agent role, the industry stands at a critical juncture.

Downsizing and Closing Offices

One of the most immediate concerns is the financial pressure that could lead to downsizing or even the closing of brokerage offices. With the BAC (Buyer Agent Commission) no longer being openly shared in MLS listings and requiring negotiation outside this platform, traditional brokerages, which have long relied on these commissions as a stable income source, may find it challenging to sustain their current operational scales. This change could necessitate a leaner approach, with fewer brick-and-mortar offices and a shift towards more agile, technology-driven models to reduce overheads.

Agents Exiting the Industry

The shift in how commissions are negotiated and disclosed may also lead to a significant shake-up in the agent workforce. For many agents, especially those who are less experienced or less adept at negotiation, the new landscape may prove too daunting. The uncertainty surrounding income, coupled with potentially more complex transaction processes, could drive some agents to reconsider their futures in the industry. The departure of agents could, in turn, impact the brokerage's ability to service clients and maintain transaction volumes.

Loss of Volume on the Buyer’s Agent Side

With the BAC negotiation moving outside of MLS, there's an anticipated shift in the dynamics of the buyer's agent role. If buyers become more reluctant to sign representation agreements due to uncertainty about commission obligations, this could lead to a decrease in the volume of transactions facilitated by buyer's agents. Such a trend would not only impact individual agents' earnings but could also affect the overall market dynamics, potentially leading to a slowdown in transaction velocities.

Buyers' Willingness to Sign Representation Agreements

The willingness of buyers to sign representation agreements post-settlement is a significant concern. Traditionally, buyers have not directly paid for agent representation, with commissions being settled between selling and buying agents via MLS listings. However, with the settlement pushing BAC negotiations outside of MLS, buyers may become more hesitant to engage in agreements that obligate them to pay commissions, especially if they are unsure about the value or if it becomes a point of negotiation in every transaction. This reluctance could fundamentally change the buyer-agent relationship and diminish the perceived value of professional representation in the buying process.

Navigating the New Reality

The NAR settlement undoubtedly brings challenges that could disrupt the traditional brokerage model and the role of the agent within the real estate transaction process. Brokerages and agents will need to adapt swiftly to these changes, exploring new business models, leveraging technology, and finding innovative ways to demonstrate value to both sellers and buyers.

As the industry navigates this uncharted territory, resilience, adaptability, and a forward-thinking approach will be key for traditional real estate professionals to thrive. The evolution prompted by the NAR settlement may be daunting, but it also offers an opportunity for renewal and growth, pushing the industry towards a more transparent, efficient, and client-focused future.

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Greg Messick

Greg Messick is an experienced Portland real estate professional, known for his efficient, client-focused approach at Portland MLS Direct. His deep market knowledge makes him a trusted local real estate advisor.

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